About Alexander Wells

Alexander Wells is an eloquent and charming, timeless period character evoking an authentic atmosphere of the Golden Age of Magic. He is a quick-witted and educated English gentleman; brash, wordy and humorous, with a wry, bawdy and physical style of comedy. Working alongside his co-conspirator, Josephine Wells, their entertainment is versatile and combines elements of audience interaction, mime, comedy, magic and mystery. 


After learning sleight of hand and burying himself in books as a child, studying under itinerant conjurers and master magicians, Alexander has gone on to develop a unique style of performance inspired by the romance of the Victorian and Edwardian eras and the physical comedy of the silent film stars.


Alexander’s prestigious role of Head Magician and headline act at the House of Illusion magic theatre in Spain saw him compère and perform for audiences from all over Europe.


Alexander is a lover of circus, the sideshow and all things astounding, mysterious and peculiar and he brings this style and charm along for the ride into his current work on ships and hotels, private events, cabaret and fringe shows. An irreverent and witty performer, Alexander loves to play with audiences, lulling their sensibilities with humour and confounding their faculties with dastardly illusion.